Number (overtimeDuration[0])

This constraint indicates the authorized overtime hours. It indicates the duration of the first daily overtime time slot. When this value is indicated, the resource cannot work over and above the sum of the working time and the overtime time.

Format: HH:MM


In the case of a resource for whom the Work time = 09:00 and 16:00; If the Number = 02:00 then the length of the resource’s working time is 9 hours (=16-9+2).


Overcost (overtimePenalty[0])

This constraint allows you to indicate the excess cost of the hours worked during the first slot of daily overtime hours as recorded in the Number constraint.

Format: number


If the Hourly cost is 20 and the cost of the overtime hour is 25, then you can record Overcost = 5 (25-20).

For a resource for whom the constraints are the following:

Hourly cost = 20
Work time = 08:00 et 18:00
Number = 01:00
Overcost = 5

TourSolver can stipulate the resource works from 08:00am to 07:00pm, since one overtime hour is authorized, and calculates a Work cost of 225 (20*10*25*1).

Depending on the costs, TourSolver will calculate whether it is less costly to deploy another resource or to consume overtime hours for the same resource.